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  • Will you special order items? 
    Yes we do special orders and our case discount applies to special orders as well.  We do both wines and spirits.  Just inquire with a sales associate and we’ll get what you need.
  • Do you have an extensive collection of cigars? 
    Yes, we are an excellent source for all your cigar needs.  In fact, we have a 6’ x 20’ cedar-lined Walk-in Humidor that is temperature and humidity controlled with over 300 different cigars to select from.
  • Vintage Wines / Collections:  do you offer a wide variety of wines / specialty wines? 
    Yes we do.  We have a temperature-controlled Wine Cellar with over 500 hundred items to select from--a true destination point when shopping for fine wines.
  • Do you do wine and spirits tastings? Is that by scheduled date or is there a regular day or time they can come for this? 
    Yes, we do!  A variety of wine tastings are scheduled regularly at each of our locations.  Click HERE for upcoming Events details.
  • How does your Wine Discount work?
    We offer a 10% discount on 12 or more bottles (750ml) wines not already on sale (price ending in "7").  You can mix brands, types and Special Orders.  We are happy to help you with your selection.