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Below are some of the Featured Items we proudly offer our clients at Norman's Liquors & Fine Wines.  Whether you're looking for the perfect wine for a special occasion, want to treat yourself to a bottle of aged, single-malt whiskey or simply want to browse cigars in our walk-in humidor, we are the perfect shopping destination!

Ferrari Carano Siena
750ml: $19.99
Siena has delicious aromas and flavors of fresh picked blackberries, raspberry jam, cola, cinnamon ...
Veuve Clicquot Brut NV
750ml: $49.97
90 Points Wine Enthusiast "One of the most familiar of Champagnes, the Yellow Label is finely ...
Mumm Napa Brut Prestige
750ml: $19.99
A complex  assemblage of primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Brut Prestige opens with gorgeous ...
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut
750ml: $45.97
Brut Impèrial is a complete, generous and dynamic champagne. It is a balanced assemblage of ...
Korbel Brut
750ml: $14.99
87 Points Wine Enthusiast "Another fine brut from Korbel, dry, yeasty and citrusy, just like ...
Roederer Estate Brut
750ml: $25.99
Roederer Est Brut is sleek and impeccably focused and balanced with floral apple, cinnamon and ...
Famous Grouse
1.75L: $26.99
One of the world's most popular blends, Famous Grouse is a very nicely balanced, malty blend which ...
Captain Morgan White Rum
1.75L: $20.99
Light and crisp, Captain Morgan White Rum has a balanced, creamy character with just a hint of ...
Smirnoff Vodka
1.75 L: $16.99
Smirnoff No. 21 is the world's No. 1 vodka. Its classic taste has inspired other varieties ...
Jim Beam
1.75L: $23.99
Made from the highest quality ingredients, Jim Beam is the world's finest bourbon. Aged 4 years in ...
Jim Beam Black Extra Aged Bourbon
1.75 L: $30.99
  Aged for eight years in oak barrels, creating surprising character and complexity. On the ...
Gosling's Black Seal Rum
1.75L: $34.99
Rich, full-bodied dark rum from Bermuda. Deep amber-brown color, aromas of plum, quinine, juniper, ...
Absolut Pineapple Martini 4pk
: $9.99
Absolut Vodka is one of the most famous vodkas in the world. Launched in the US in 1979, it ...
Bang Mixx Hard Seltzer
8pk ⇒ 12oz Btls: $18.99
Ciroc Colada Spritz
4pk ⇒ 375ml: $12.99
Elevate your next celebration, big or small, with Cîroc Vodka Spritz Colada. Made with our ...
Ciroc Pineapple Passion Spritz
4pk ⇒ 375ml: $12.99
Elevate your next celebration, big or small, with Cîroc Vodka Spritz Pineapple Passion. Made ...
Ciroc Sunset Citrus Spritz
4pk ⇒ 375ml: $12.99
Ciroc Vodka Spritz Sunset Citrus is made with vodka from fine French Grapes with sparkling water ...
Deep Eddy Lemon 4pk Cans
4pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $12.99
Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka & Soda, ready to drink cans. A fantastic way to enjoy Deep Eddy Lemon ...
Jameson Ginger & Lime 4pk
4pk ⇒ 330ml: $9.99
How to make the perfect Whiskey & Ginger Ale – Jameson Whiskey, ginger ale, and a squeeze ...
Loyal Berry Lemonade
12 oz x 4 ct: $10.99
An easy to drink cocktail right at your fingertips, Loyal 9 Mixed Berry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail ...
Loyal Iced Tea Lemonade
12 oz x 4 ct: $10.99
Two of the most popular cocktails coming together in one - this combines our original lemonade with ...
Loyal Watermelon Lemonade
12 oz x 4 ct: $10.99
Our classic lemonade mixed with juicy watermelon flavors…this lemonade pairs nicely with any ...
Malibu Hangout Mix Pack
12pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $16.99
Malibu Pineapple Breeze 4pk
4pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $9.99
Introducing Malibu's new line of canned cocktails – delicious, ready-to-sip Pineapple Bay ...
Malibu Strawberry Daiquiri 4pk
4pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $9.99
Introducing Malibu's new line of canned cocktails – delicious, ready-to-sip Strawberry ...
Simply Spiked Lemonade 12pk
12 oz x 12 ct: $19.49
Simply Spiked Lemonade is a new line of bold, full-flavored spiked lemonades crafted from the ...
Tea West Variety Pack
12pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $18.99
Grab some friends and ride the rays of sunshine where they take you. And a chill day means easy ...
BuzzBallz Cocktail Forbidden Apple
200ml: $3.49
Pucker up! This premixed cocktail is sweet like candy, yet tart on the way down. Mixed with natural, ...
BuzzBallz Cocktails Tequila Rita
200ml: $3.49
Tart, Sweet, Zesty, Vibrant. This margarita combines the crisp, bold flavor of lime with the ...
Crook & Marker Margarita 8pk
8pk ⇒ 11oz Cans: $15.99
Crook & Marker Paloma 8pk
8pk ⇒ 11oz Cans: $14.99
Deep Eddy Lime Vodka Soda 4pk
4pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $13.99
Deep Eddy Lime Vodka starts with the base of our award-winning Original vodka,  real  lime juice, ...
Picnic Brunch Bloody Mary
4pk ⇒ 12oz Cans: $12.99
No need to break out the spice rack and horseradish, our Bloody Mary is seasoned to perfection. ...

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