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Drambuie 15

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Drambuie 15

Drambuie 15, a blend of 15 year old Scotch Whiskies as the base, has all the characteristics of a Speyside Scotch along with a blend of herbs, spices and heather honey. It’s drier than the original and much more elegant.


To taste, it’s very well balanced, slightly viscous, typical of most liqueurs, yet the Scotch is shining through, elevated and prominent, not covered up. Hints of pepper, evergreen and wood with a touch of smoke. Deep, rich and satiny rheology, Drambuie 15 is not heavy, cumbersome or mouth coating in the least, but rather dries out slowly, leaving a wonderful spicy finish. Perfect for sipping and savouring either neat or over ice.

Single Malt
Drambuie 15
750ml: $58.99