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Von Payne Blended Whiskey

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Von Payne Blended Whiskey

Von Payne Black is a 3 year American Blended Whiskey infused with Natural Black Currant crafted to have a unique taste that fills your senses with unexpected pleasure. Slightly tart and subtly sweet, it goes down smooth with the rich flavor of Black Currant and a warm wave of a 90 proof premium blended whiskey.

Black Currant was forbidden to grow in the United States until 2003, as a threat to the logging industry. That’s why most of us haven’t heard of it or even tasted it. The benefits of this tart berry are emerging to the US market as a dense super-fruit high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. It is the key to Von Payne Black’s unique blend.

Blended Bourbon
United States
Von Payne Blended Whiskey
750ml: $59.99