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Prince D'Arignac Armangnac XO

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Prince D'Arignac Armangnac XO

Known as the “flame of the terroir”, Prince d’Arignac is a small scale producer, one of the several typical of the Armagnac industry. Prince D’Arignac is so largely unknown that it has previously been mistaken as an obscure independent bottler of Armagnac. It is in fact a producer from Armagnac. It is not, however, found in the French town of Arignac, which does not lie in the Armagnac region. The title of Prince D’Arignac is not related to any one prince or individual, and It should also be noted that this is not related to the Baron d’Arignac brand of wines. This Armagnac is produced using continuous stills, as opposed to the pot stills found in the cognac and whisky industrys. This XO has been aged for at least 6 years in French oak casks. The result is an excellent balance of oak and fruit, with bright, grape flavours perfectly balanced with notes of chewy

Prince D'Arignac Armangnac XO
750 ml: $34.99