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10% discount on Selected Wines

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Beso Del Sol Red Sangria
750ml: $10.97
This Sangria is created from a combination of our selected red wine with natural Mediterranean ...
Beso Del Sol White Sangria
750ml: $10.97
Spain - Made from traditional Spanish grapes and prepared with 100% natural ingredients. Offers ...
Lolailo Sangria
1.5L: $9.97
Lolailo is the ultimate anytime drink: light-bodied, fruity and refreshing! Available in red and ...
Madria Sangria
1.5L: $8.97
Our Madria Sangria Tradicional was inspired by the vibrant spirit of Madrid. Ruby red, infused with ...
Opici Family Sangria
1.5L: $9.97
A blend of all-natural citrus fruit extract, pure sugar cane and wine made from the Tempranillo ...
Real Sangria
1.5L: $9.97
This bottle contains red wine and natural citrus, making a great base for sangría. This is a ...
Real Sangria Red
750 ml: $6.99
Possesses a fruity taste and is a mouthwatering blend of fresh citrus fruit flavors and fine ...

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