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Wild Tiger Rum

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Wild Tiger Rum

Let’s raise a Toast to Wild Tiger Special Reserve RUM from India - The land of the Tiger. Wild Tiger is a super premium RUM owing to it's exotic blend and exquisite packaging. It's taken over a decade for this transition from 'Grass to Glass'. Our exotic RUM is aged, blended and bottled in Kerala, India on the banks of the pristine Bharathappuzha river (Southern Ganges). Wild Tiger RUM has been created to serve the discerning consumer a sensory experience like no other and it is distinctively and proudly Indian. Right from the sourcing of the finest ingredients involved in RUM production, to ensuring the quality of the final product, every aspect has been devotedly carried out to perfection so that you can Relish Responsibly. The best way to enjoy this RUM is however you like it.

Aged Rum
Wild Tiger Rum
750ml: $19.99