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Our collection of Fine Spirits is second to none.  With an expansive array of flavored Vodkas, Bourbon, Cognac, exotic Rums, Liquers/Cordials and more, you're certain to find exactly what you're looking for at Norman's Fine Wines & Spirits.  Browse our online listing or visit one of our locations for a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

Ammunition Straight Bourbon Whiskey
750 ml: $39.99
"This is a blend of 2, 3 and 4 year old Bourbon, finished no less than 3 months in wine barrels ...
Ammunition Straight Rye Whiskey
750 ml: $39.99
"This is a blend of 2, 3 and 4 year old Rye Whiskey, finished no less than 3 months in wine barrels ...
Ballotin Peanut Butter Chocolate Whiskey
750ml: $26.99
Our Ballotin Peanut Butter Chocolate Whiskey is a dangerously delicious new take on the classic ...
Chattanooga Straight Bourbon Whiskey 91 Proof
750 ml: $35.99
Made with 4 grains, including 3 select specialty malts, the extended 7-day fermentations highlight ...
Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Bourbon
750 ml: $79.99
This barrel strength bourbon is extraordinarily complex with subtle notes of dark cherries and ...
Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey
750 ml: $59.99
This mature bourbon is extraordinarily complex with subtle notes of dark cherries and French ...
Howler Head Banana Flavored Bourbon
750 ml: $27.99
Howler Head Banana Infused Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is blended with only the finest ...
Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon
750ml: $54.99
Our flagship Laws Four Grain Bourbon starts at two Colorado family farms where heritage corn and ...
Laws Four grain Cask Strength Bourbon
750ml: $81.99
This whiskey is crafted from the four “American mother grains”: corn, wheat, barley, ...
Nulu Straight Bourbon Whisky
750ml: $55.99
We bring you these carefully selected barrels of MGP Bourbon uncut and unfiltered while our own ...
Oak & Eden Torched Oak 4 Grain & Spire
750ml: $46.99
The name pays gracious homage to both the perfection of the Creator who breathed His unique spirit ...
Stranahan's Cask Strength Single Barrel Normans's Pick
750ml: $54.99
The single barrel release has been personally tasted and selected for its outstanding character.
Stranahan's Sherry Casks Single Malt Whiskey
750ml: $79.99
Finished in 500-liter oloroso sherry casks, this is one for the sherry lovers, with sugared almond, ...
American Hell House Whiskey
750 ml: $46.99
With a captivating honey-amber appearance, Hell House unleashes aromas of honeydew, sorbet, ...
Basil Hayden Red Wine Cask Finish
750ml: $58.99
A blend of the classic Basil Hayden high-rye mash bill and bourbon partially aged in Californian ...
Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey
750ml: $44.99
Bear Fight has a lot of characteristics of a traditional Scotch whiskey. It uses a 100% malted ...
Broken Barrel Americana 100 proof
750ml: $33.99
A gorgeous bottle design leads to an aroma of green apples and honey, quickly followed by deeply ...
Bull Run 14 Year Cabernet Whiskey
750ml Gift: $57.99
Thick and rich on the palate. A touch hot, but delightful. Sweet berries and cream; blueberry, ...
Bull Run 14 Year Whiskey Pinot Noir
750ml: $57.99
The Taste: Eucalyptus, and a hint of mint up front. Leading to creamy vanilla and slight tobacco ...
Creek Water American Whiskey
750ml: $29.99
Doc Swinson's Triple Cask 750mL
750ml: $69.99
Nose of cracker jack, caramel, nut brittle and dark cherry. Palate of marzipan, spearmint, cinnamon ...
High West Bourbon
1.75 L: $49.99
High West's passion brings us this complex blend of straight bourbons aged from 2 to 13 years in ...
High West Manhattan Cocktail
750 ml: $32.99
Time-tested recipe for a perfect Manhattan featuring sweet and dry vermouth, a few dashes of ...
Jefferson's Tropics Singapore
750 ml: $99.99
Introducing Jefferson’s Tropics Finished in Singapore, a premium Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey ...
Knob Creek Single Barrel (Store Pick)
750 ml: $59.99
Nose: Positively potent. Upfront cherry while a dark, dry oak billows over time. Hints of that ...
Nassif Family Reserve Whiskey
750ml: $41.99
Nassif Family Reserve was first developed by co-founder Gene Nassif as a whiskey he could enjoy ...
Ole Smoky Pumpkin Spice Moonshine
750 ml: $21.99
It may be in everything from lattes to muffins, but we’ve given pumpkin spice exactly what it needs: ...
Savage & Cooke American Whiskey
750 ml: $49.99
Delicious and bold with aromas of maple wood, caramel and black cherries. Flavors are rich and ...
Savage & Cooke American Whiskey
750 ml: $49.99
Delicious and bold with aromas of maple wood, caramel and black cherries. Flavors are rich and ...
Three Chord Amplify Rye Whiskey
750ml: $48.99
Rye Whiskey tends to be drier and spicier than Bourbon. Three Chord Rye is no exception. We have ...
Three Chord Strange Collaboration Straight Bourbon
750ml: $51.99
Strange Collaboration is a blend of Kentucky Straight bourbon (aged between 2-6 yrs.), selected for ...
Three Chord Tennessee Straight Whiskey
750ml: $29.99
Three Chord Tennessee Straight Whiskey is a light and flavorful small batch that has been distilled ...
Tin Cup 10yr American Whiskey
750 ml: $53.99
TINCUP® 10 Year is a straight bourbon whiskey  cut with Rocky Mountain water. Rested in white ...
Town Branch 7 YR Whiskey
750ml: $39.99
Town Branch 7yr Kentucky Single Malt Whiskey is made from 100% malted barley and aged in our own ...
Town Branch Single Barrel Reserve
750 ml: $46.99
Town Branch is handcrafted to pay homage to the rich distilling history in Lexington, Kentucky. Our ...
Traveller Whiskey Blend No 40
750 ml: $39.99
The Traveller Blend No. 40 is a handcrafted masterpiece, meticulously blended to achieve a smooth, ...
Uncle Nearest 1856 100 Proof Whiskey
750ml: $52.99
Uncle Nearest 1856 has a caramel color with a beautiful deep golden hue. Baled hay and pumpkin ...
Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Premium Whiskey
750 ml: $87.99
This single barrel is different. It has the most distinct flavor profile of any of our whiskeys and ...
Very Olde St Nick Winter Maple Whiskey
750 ml: $169.99
Very Olde St. Nick is a whiskey label that was bottled by Julian Van Winkle and Kentucky Bourbon ...
Yellowstone American Single Malt
750 ml: $49.99
Yellowstone American single malt whiskey made from 100% malted barley & perfectly aged in new ...

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